Scientists of Natural reserve "Gorgany" are monitoring of biological diversity and natural ecosystemas.

The Scientific department of Natural Reserve "Gorgany" is led by Deputy Director for science Dr. Myron Shpylchak who conducts complex forest researches together with PhD Taras Oleksiv, Yuri Hlystiuk, geobotanical investigations are held by Yulia Klimuk, Stepan Yusyp, phenological ones – by Svitlana Lahva, zoological – PhD  Olena Slobodian. They make up the basis for the Chronicles of Nature. Ms. Lyudmyla Kravchuk is in charge of ecological education. PhD Mykola Chernyavskyy, senior lecturer of the Lviv National Forest Technical University and scientific supervisor of the reserve, studies the structure and dynamics of primeval forests.



Dr. Myron Shpilchak

PhD in agricultural sciences. Deputy Director for Science of Natural Reserve "Gorgany". Head of Scietific department of Nature Reserve "Gorgany". Conducts complex forest researches.










Dr. Taras Oleksiv

PhD in agricultural sciences. Conducts complex forest researches.









Dr.  Olena Slobodian

PhD in biological sciences. Conducts complex faunistic and zoological researches.












Mrs. Yulia Klymiuk

Conducts complex geobotanical and flora researches.



Mr. Stepan Yusyp

Postgraduate student of Precarpathian University. Conducts complex geobotanical and flora researches.





Mrs. Svitlana Lahva

Conducts fenological researches.