Short history of Natural Reserve "Gorgany"

In 1935 the Metropolit Andriy Sheptytskyi founded the first Cedar Reserve “Gorgany”. In 1940 the government of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic adopted a Decree “About establishing of the Gorgany Nature Reserve” (50 000 ha), though this project had not been implemented because of the war.


In 1950ths-1980ths on the territory of the Nadvirna Forestry Enterprise there were established numerous small reserves, monuments of nature and protected sites. In 1974 Dr. V. Yurkevych suggested to establish the Gorganske Protected Forestry.


On Septebmer 12, 1996 according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine the Gorgany Nature Reserve was established. Protected sites of the national significance came to be composite parts of this protected area. They are: Dzhurdzhi, Sadky, Chernyk, Hnyliak, Novobudova, Elmy, Dovzhynets and Stoly.


According to the Order of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Administration on 3.02.1997 a protective zone 750-1000 m wide was identified along the perimeter, which was made up of 5 forestry units of the state forestry enterprise bordering with the protected area.


The following persons greatly comtributed to the process of establishment of the nature reserve: Yu. Yurkevych, P.Trybun, K. Smahlyuk, M. Cherniavskyi, R. Yatsyk, E. Bakalenko –they prepared justification for designation; and also Ya. Dutchyn, T. Oleksiv, V. Savyuk, H. Masliak, M. Prykhodko, B. Shpilchak and T. Turchak, who were contributing to the process of designation and becomimg. The Gorgany Nature Reserve forst of all means a reference model of natural sites preserved in their pristine undisturbed status.