The reserve consists of two nature protection and scientific research divisions – the Gorganske division (manager – Oksana Ostashuk) and the Chernykivske division (manager – Vasyl Bahmat). Their total area is 5344,2 ha, and the protective (buffer) zone around makes up 3852,8 ha.

The reserve’s staff consists of 45 persons lead by the Director Mr. Vasyl Kysliak, forester by education. Deputy Director on scientific research PhD Myron Shpilchak conducts complex forest researches together with PhD Taras Oleksiv, geobptanical investigations are held by Yulia klimuk and Stepan Yusyp, phenological ones – by Svitlana Lahva, zoological – Olena Slobodian. They make up the basis for the Chronicles of Nature. Ms. Lyudmyla Kravchuk is in charge of ecological education. PhD Mykola Cherniavskyi, senior lecturer of the Lviv National Forest Technical University and scientific supervisor of the reserve, studies the structure and dynamics of primeval forests.

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Олена Слободян

Кандидат біологічних наук, молодший науковий співробітник Природного Заповідника "Ґорґани" з 2008-го року. Здійснює комплексні фауністичні та зоологічні дослідження.


Administration of Natural Reserve "Gorgany" is located in Nadvirna town.


The Forestry department are caring fore forests of Natural reserve "Gorgany".


Employers of Sector of Ecological Education provide eco-education programs focused on the development of communications with locals.